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Computer science is the future. With groundbreaking advancements in technology, AI, data analysis there isn’t a single organization that could survive without it. Impressions of technology are everywhere from your google account to even payments. With so many needs and the demand still increasing, computer science graduates are being set on a pedestal of immense opportunities.

If you find yourself passionate about computer science and its immense capabilities this article will help you find the best institution to apply for computer science in Canada.

Canada, the world’s 9th largest GDP, boasts a number of established and research extensive universities to its name. Computer science is one of the most sought courses among students in Canada. That itself justifies why Canada should be on your bucket list when applying abroad.

Universities offering Computer Science in Canada

  1. The University of Toronto – located in Canada’s largest city, Toronto is a city known for its diversity. University has been at the vanguard of computer science for more than 50 years. To your advantage the university has also increased international student enrollment.

  2. The University of British Columbia– Having its computer science unit set in 1968, the University has come a long way. The University of British Columbia is a good choice for studying computer science because of its vast and diversified student body, incredible location, and excellent reputation.

  3. University of Waterloo- You were probably looking for this one! Well, the University of Waterloo is known for its excellent paid internship opportunities which is an essential criterion when it comes to computer science. 

  4. McGill University-  Located in one of the student’s choice cities, Montreal. Mcgill University is a place to dream of. Its computer science department is no stranger to University’s luminous achievements and opportunities.

  5. The University of Alberta-  Drum rolls for this one. The University of Alberta had its Computer science department back in 1964 when the World was experiencing a surge of revolutionary events. Artificial intelligence, computer gaming, robotics, and computer graphics are just a few of the topics covered by the department today.

  6. The University of Montreal-  This university has a reputation for creating students who possess the technical, problem-solving, mathematics, and cross-collaboration abilities required to make a positive difference in the world. These are the skills a computer science student should strive for.

  7. Simon Fraser University-  There is one thing that makes Simon Fraser’s computer department stand out and that is its collaboration with Zhejiang University in China. This makes Undergraduate students acquire a dual degree with Mandarin language skills that can boost their CVs.

  8. The University of Victoria– The University of Victoria understands that a computer science degree presents a plethora of opportunities for students. University’s various co-op opportunities allow students to make important industry connections while also enabling them to use their knowledge in real-world circumstances.

  9. The University of Calgary- Computer science is all about solving problems, and students at the University of Calgary will be focusing on creating machines that think like people and shaping the future of augmented reality.

  10. McMaster University- There are numerous reasons to study here but the most lucrative one is McMaster’s strong job market. Within two years of graduation, a whopping 100% of computer science graduates find work.

Now, as you are aware of the Universities. Let’s see that various courses that are commonly offered for Computer Science in Canada.

Specialisation in Computer Science Courses for Undergraduates

The students pursuing the undergraduate courses in the computer science field can get a specialization in the following fields:

 – Artificial intelligence

– Information technology

– Software engineering

– Software development

– Mobile and web computing

– Information management

– Machine learning and more…

Short-term Undergraduate Courses

Apart from full-time courses, students can also opt for short-term undergraduate courses of 1-2 years. Some of these courses are:

 – Web designing

– Unix/Linux Systems Administration

– Oracle Database Associate and

– Java SE/EE Programming Certificate

Eligibility for Computer Science Course in Canada

In order to enroll in the bachelor’s program of best universities for computer science in Canada, a student must have:

• Completed senior school with 65% or above with maths as a compulsory subject

• 70% or above score in English and Mathematics in the board finals

• Qualifying score in English language proficiency test:

– TOEFL: 580,

– MELAB: 82,

– IELTS: 6.5,

– PTE: 60+,

– iTEP: 4.1+,

– CAE: 180+

• Qualifying score in the college/university specific language and subject test (online)

Tuition Fees of Computer Science Course in Canada

The fees for undergraduate courses in computer science ranges from 17,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD annually. It is quite low as compared to many other places.

Scholarships for International Students

Canadian universities offers a bunch of Scholarships which students can apply to cover their expenses:

– Education Future International Scholarship 2020

– Douglas International Students Performance-Based tuition grant

– Simon Fraser University – H.Y. Louie And Lohn Entrance Awards In Canada

– University Of British Columbia – Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowships In Canada

– Canada-CARICOM Virtual University Scholarship Program

– Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) – for mid-career professionals

Careers in Canada for Computer Science Graduates

With an average yearly pay of 51,000 – 1,06,000 CAD, software engineering is the most in-demand position for Computer Science graduates in Canada.

Additionally, positions such as software developer, programmer, web developer,.NET Software Developer, Java Developer, Programmer Analyst, and others are promising industries to work in with annual salaries ranging from 47000 to 1,16,000 CAD.

How Kion Overseas can help you?

If you’re searching for undergraduate, post graduate or specialised courses in Computer Science from Canada, seek our help. We have a team of counsellors who will hold your hand throughout your study abroad journey.

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