LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) in Canada

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is a labour market verification process where the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) assesses an offer of employment from the employer to ensure that the employment of a foreign worker is not having any kind of negative impact on the Canadian labour market. Employers will have to provide a variety of information regarding the position for which they are hiring a foreign worker, including the number of Canadians who have applied for this post, the number of candidates who were interviewed for this position, and a brief explanation about why the Canadian workers considered were not hired.

What is LMIA in Canada?

Generally one needs a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) before a Canadian employer can hire a temporary foreign employee. LMIA is a form of labour market verification designed to protect Canada’s domestic job marketplace and also to protect foreign workers who are employed in Canada. Only under certain situations, LMIA exempt work permits can be obtained. 

When LMIA is required?

LMIA is required to prove that the employer has attempted to fill in the open position with a Canadian resident or a permanent resident before trying to hire a foreign worker. In most cases, the employer needs an LMIA to support your job offer for an express entry into their company. An LMIA is valid up to 6 months after it is issued to support the temporary foreign worker’s permit application to immigration, refugees, and citizenship of Canada. Before hiring a temporary foreign worker the employer must obtain a positive LMIA. The employer has to be in business for at least one year before applying for LMIA to support permanent residence. 

When LMIA is not necessary?

LMIA exemption refers to a situation in which the Canadian employer does not require to obtain a LMIA to hire a temporary foreign worker. Here are some of LMIA exemptions for the employer:

International Mobility Program

The LMIA exemption under the international mobility program is based on the following conditions:

  • There should be some additional economic, cultural, and competitive advantage for Canada.
  • Canadian and permanent residence should get reciprocal benefits.

To hire a foreign worker through IMP the employer has to follow these steps.

  • The employer has to confirm that the position and the worker who is in question qualify for an LMIA exemption or not.
  • The employer has to pay a compliance fee of CAD 230.
  • The employer has to submit the official job offer through IMP’s employer portal. 

Another category of LMIA exemptions falls under the broad category of Canadian interest exemption. Where the employment of a foreign worker should have some significant benefit to the country.

International Agreements 

There are a significant number of LMIA exemptions available through international agreements. Because of these agreements between Canada and other countries, certain types of employees can visit Canada and vice versa. 

How to get LMIA?

Before hiring a temporary foreign worker the employer has to get a positive LMIA from the ESDC. The application process depends on the type of program the employer is hiring international candidates. ESDC offices are responsible for processing LMIA applications. The ESDC takes 10 business days service standards for processing LMIA applications. Only a few categories are processed within 10 business days service standard such as related to the following: 

  • LMIA Applications for highest demand occupation
  • Highest paid occupation
  • Short duration work periods up to 120 days or less
  • While making the decision the employer will consider whether the job offer is genuine or not.
  • The employer has made enough efforts to hire a Canadian worker before hiring a temporary foreign worker or not. 
  • The foreign worker is filling the labour shortage.
  • The employment will create job opportunities or help retain jobs for Canadians.
  • The temporary foreign worker will transfer their skill or knowledge to them.
  • Hiring a foreign worker will not create any labour dispute among the Canadian workers.
  • The wages and working conditions offered to the foreign employee are comparable to those offered to the Canadians working in the same occupation.

How can you apply for JOBS in Canada based on LMIA?

First and foremost your employer should have an LMIA approval from the ESDC (employment and social development Canada). They play a major role in hiring a temporary foreign worker. They are the ones who will decide if hiring a foreign worker supports their economic growth or not. Candidates can apply for jobs in Canada from various sources, sometimes applicants get an opportunity to work in Canada through their prior employer or due to transfer. Also, many websites offer the applicant a list of recruiters from Canada.

If you have a valid offer and your employer has a positive LIAM then you can proceed further by applying for a workers permit to the Federal Government – Citizenship and Immigration Canada. To work legally in Canada the foreign worker needs a worker permit. The work permit is specific to the employer that is offering you the job and to the job position. In most cases, the foreign worker has to apply for a work permit outside of Canada at the Visa office. While others from the US or Europe can apply for their worker’s permit at the entry port of Canada provided they have all the requisite documents with them.

A temporary resident Visa might be required based on the current citizenship or place of living. If the candidate requires a temporary resident visa then the visa officer will process your application for a temporary resident at the same time. You do not have to fill a separate form for that. Workers who work in a certain occupation such as teaching, health care, food production, children -education, etc. might have to give a medical exam before giving permission to their workers. 

How can I get information of working in Canada with and without LMIA employer?

To get detailed information for working in Canada with and without LMIA employers, you need to consult an overseas consultant who can give you the necessary information regarding the LMIA and the mandatory guidelines. KION Overseas is one of the most searched overseas consultants who have helped various job aspirants to visit Canada for getting jobs, study and settle abroad.  KION Overseas has the expert consultants who can guide the aspiring professionals and job-seekers for assistance in the job opportunities. Many of the candidates are already placed in high ranking jobs in Canada who were assisted by the professional team of KION Overseas. We have the complete information regarding all the various lurking job opportunities available with LMIA employers at present in Canada.

In case you are concerned about the Visa formalities and IELTS preparation, then be assured as KION Overseas can help you with all the assistance required for the processing of Visa, submission of documents, IELTS preparation, applying for the job opportunities available in Canada and similar other mandates. 

If you aspire to be in Canada and work for the best companies there, then KION Overseas is the best overseas consultant who will be the bridge to cover the distance between you and your dream job in Canada.

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