Occupational English Test (OET)

Occupational English Test also known as OET is an English language test especially created for the healthcare sector. It evaluates the English proficiency skills of healthcare professionals who want to join and perform in an English-speaking environment. OET exam is conducted in over 120 locations across 40 countries and is held fourteen times in a year.

The twelve professions which are offered by OET are:

  • Dentistry,
  • Speech Pathology,
  • Dietetics,
  • Medicine,
  • Optometry,
  • Pharmacy,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Occupational therapy,
  • Podiatry,
  • Radiography,
  • Veterinary Science and
  • Nursing.

Healthcare sectors in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Namibia, Ukraine, Singapore and Namibia recognise OET.

OET is acknowledged in many countries as a proof of English proficiency to study and work in the healthcare sector. It can also be used for getting a visa in some countries. OET gives you actual healthcare situations. OET will not only help you in getting a good job but will also improve your knowledge, skills, mindset and approach in becoming a better healthcare worker. This exam helps in builds confidence and enhances one’s communication skills.

Registration for the exam has to be done via online method only. Aspirants need to visit the official OET website and to fill the application page they must create an OET Login and build a profile. Documents and other requirements like photographs also have to submitted during this application process.

OET costs $587 AUD globally. A survey shows 80 percent of the candidates consider OET as outstanding or above average value for money. Payment has to be done online via a valid Visa or a Mastercard. 

OET presents an authentic, reliable and trustworthy valuation of all four language skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking –including questions related to communication in medical and health professional settings.

The sub-tests of OET are:


OET Exam Sub-testsTest Duration OET Description
Listening45  min.It will assess your understanding of health-related spoken materials.
Reading60  min.It will check if you can easily read medical related terms
Writing45 min.It will check if you can write referral letters
Speaking20 min.It will evaluate your speaking skills on the basis of your two role-plays


In case you are unable to give the test then you cancel it too. But it is important to know that certain costs are involved in this procedure. You can withdraw from the exam by online method via your OET account. Cancelation before the OET closing date of the test, administration will cost you $120. It can cost you around $200 if you cancel it before one week of the exam. Also, no refunds will be given if you cancel it in less than one week of the actual exam. So, it is advisable to only fill the form when you are sure about your future dates and commitments.

Reading and Listening sections will be scored instantly after the end of the test. These scores will give you an impression of your performance. If you are not satisfied with your scores then you have the option of cancelling your scores too. Think carefully before cancelling your scores as scores will be cancelled of all the four sections and not of one section. Also, no refund will be given to you after the cancellation of your scores.

  1. Give yourself more preparation time
    You need to warm up and practice as much as you can before your OET exam. In a research it was found that to get a positive and fruitful result in OET, candidates should start prepping at least 3-4 months before the actual exam. In order to get the best results, you should study with full concentration to make optimum usage of your time. This can be done by making a study plan with regular breaks regarding the same. Also, Take, make and reflect on notes.


  2. Figure out the Assessment Criteria
    Assessment criteria are statements listing the standards which has to be met to evaluate the outcome. So, to get good grades, you must know what the assessor wants from you through the exam.


  3. Practice as many sample tests as you can
    Solve lots of sample papers before you give your real exam. Sample papers are an imperative preparation material. It gives candidates a better understanding of the structure, the questions and the marking scheme of the question paper. Also, try to coordinate with time while practicing sample papers so that when you give your actual exam, you are able to complete it on time. It will also help you in self evaluating your performance so that you can take necessary actions.


  4. Know your weak and strong spots 
    While practicing sample papers, don’t just focus on your correct answers but also try to analyse where you got wrong in the paper. It is important to know both your powers and flaws as this will help you in guiding on which topics to stress during your exam preparation.


  5. Apply only when you are READY
    The best advantage of online tests is that you have the flexibility to attempt the exam when you are ready. There is no rush for exams like OET as they are taken fourteen times a year. So, it is important to fill the application form only when you feel confident and sure about your preparation. This will definitely help you in the long run. 

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