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Test Preparation

The step to reach to your dream university is through English Proficiency & standardised tests such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, SAT, etc. We train our students thoroughly in qualifying the examination. We have Certified Trainers and proven methodology to help you ace these tests on both Online as well as Offline mode.

Course Recommendation & Selection

Our professional counsellors use technology-driven psychometric tests to evaluate your goals, aspirations, academic background, compatibility, employ-ability, strengths, and weaknesses to give you the best course advice. Most students are oblivious of their options for global universities and end up applying to institutions that are not as renowned as the academic qualifications of the students. Hence, we are always there to counsel you for the best course to study at a university abroad which is a perfect fit with your career objectives.

Admission Guidance

Student’s often waste their valuable time in running from pillar to post to complete all the mandatory requirements like filling out application forms, writing SOP, LOR, essays, etc. Our Expert counsellors help you with complete admission process taking care of your documentation from filling the application forms to preparing your recommendation letters.

Financial evaluation

Many students often let go off their dreams just because they are not financially equipped to manage all related expenses. We help you by evaluating your financial status and guide you to secure educational loans as we have tie up’s with multiple financial institutions for our students. Our financial advisors will make sure that you don’t fall behind just because you don’t have financial assistance.

Visa Documentation

The process of getting a visa can be a blockade in getting admitted to a foreign university. We make sure that you are well informed about the latest requirements for the student visa. We help students prepare their documents related to the visas in time. We also courier and translate your visa related documents. Our service includes guiding you to official websites and immigration officials so that you have the latest updated information of the changing procedures.

Country & University Information

There are over 28,000 universities in the world with a variety of different courses to pursue. It is quite a time consuming and tedious process to map individual country to its best university along with managing other constraints such as budget, duration of the study, Immigration friendliness, personal safety, climate factors and employment trends. Our experts provide you with all this information beforehand to ensure there are no surprises when you land in a foreign country, and you are safe and in the best of your well-being.

Pre Departure Services

We also give students in-depth travelling guidance when they fly to a new country. This information includes data about traveller cheques, international debit cards, cheap tickets of best airlines, currency, sim cards, best routes, packing list which will include essential things that you must put in your bags while you pack etc. We also provide travel information about the public transports which students can use to save some more money and to have a healthy economical stay.

Post Departure Services

If you are going to leave home to study abroad, you will definitely want to accommodate yourself in a place which is homely and has a friendly and safe neighborhood. Our services also include finding you the best accommodation under your budget and is close to your university and other basic places like airport, shopping complexes, parks etc. This will definitely cut down your travelling expenditure and further will save your precious time. We will make sure that you live in a right accommodation with the best comfort just like you are in your own native home.

We intend to give you the best experience. We believe that every student can achieve his or her dreams. We help them by directing them to the appropriate path. We give students a well-structured time-tested plan so that they can achieve desired admits to the world-renowned universities.

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